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Earthrounders Logo The Beginning

Who is an Earthrounder? Are you one?

The Earthrounders is a group of pilots with a unique achievement in common: they have flown themselves around the globe in a light aircraft.

The Earthrounders "community" was conceived to unite these pilots who are imbued with an adventurous spirit. They have sweated it out crossing oceans, mountains and deserts in a full circumnavigation of all the Earth's meridians, battled to secure landing and overflight permissions and pocketed memorable experiences in the process. Why are they so unique? Because in the 100 years since the dawn of aviation, only a handful of souls have made this challenging voyage. It is a form of flying totally alien to realm of executive jets and airliners which are specifically built for transoceanic, intercontinental and long-distance flights.

The only way to "join" is to fly yourself around the world in a light aircraft!

The light aircraft cut-off limit of 15,500 lbs/7,000 kg maximum TOW is the official figure by which planes are classified as causing only light wake turbulence (as opposed to mid-weight or heavy aircraft). Please note that this was not a random figure selected by Earthrounders!

  • Flights can originate in any country, but must terminate at the point of departure.
  • All meridians should be crossed in a forward motion to close the circle (unless in a transpolar circumnavigation) but you do not necessarily need to cross the equator.
  • Flying round in a circle over the North Pole does not constitute a flight around the world.
  • At least one of the pilots needs to have been on board for the entire circumnavigation.
  • The same aircraft has to be used for the totality of the flight.
  • All the legs around the World have to be flown.
  • Several flights, in different aircrafts, at different times, do not constitute a World flight
Whilst we do not set a minimum mileage (as is the requirement for a pilot who wishes his flight to be recognized as a genuine, official circumnavigation by the FAI - Fédération Internationale Aéronautique, the worldwide body responsible for recognizing flying records - see Details of FAI Circumnavigator Badge), the Earthrounders aim is to include genuine, personal flights undertaken in a true spirit of hands-on flying in the old-fashioned sense of the word.

Last update: September 15, 2013
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