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December 28, 2003: Steve Fossett announces:" I'll be attempting a special trip round the Earth in 2004".
Watch the progress at:
Good luck, Steve.

December 27, 2003: News from Antartica:
Jon Johanson is back in South Australia thanks to Polly Vacher's fuel.
Polly Vacher is back in Ushuaia, after abandoning the flight to the South Pole.
Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill are in hospital in the Chilean city of Punta Arenas recovering from Saturday’s accident on the northern section of the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

December 18, 2003: Whilst a surprising number of Earthrounders have gone in search of a Christmas on the ice this year, the rest of us will probably stay a little warmer. Happy New Year to all!

December 16, 2003: John Coale announces he will be departing on January 5, 2004 for an easterly RTW. His site can be seen at:

December 12, 2003: After some international slanging and a near impasse that would have left Jon Johanson's aircraft stranded at McMurdo base to be shipped back to Australia, Polly Vacher has come to the rescue. Having abandoned her attempt to fly across the Frozen Continent, she has sportingly offered that Jon should use some of the cache that she had transported to McMurdo for her own voyage

Jon Jonhanson December 10, 2003: There must be a magnet for Earthrounders at the South Pole.
Australian Earthrounder Dick Smith landed his Jet Ranger at the North Pole in 1987, and a Twin Otter at both Poles in 88/89. English helicopter pilot Quentin Smith, who co-piloted for Jennifer Murray around the world in 1999 and flew the chase helicopter to her flight in 2000, was rescued from the icy waters of the Drake Passage near Smith Island by the Chilean Navy on 27th January 2003. Having flown an R44 to the North Pole in June, Smith and adventurer Steven Brooks were trying to reach the South Pole to become the first helicopter to land at both Poles.
We are all following Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill's helicopter flight and Polly Vacher's fixed wing flight to the South Pole. Both teams have crossed the Drake Passage.
And on Monday 8, December 2003, Australian Earthrounder Jon Johanson flew over the South Pole in his Amateur Built RV6, VH-NOJ, becoming the first person ever to fly a fixed wing single engine aircraft solo over the South Pole.
The first solo pilot to fly over both Poles was Elgen Long in 1971.
Jon did fly over the North Pole in 2000.
Congratulations Jon.
Read the press release for full details:
Or visit the EAA site:

December 9, 2003: Earthrounders Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill have successfully crossed the Drake Passage - first single-engine helicopter to do so - and are taking advantage of good weather to make as much ground as possible in their bid for the South Pole. Watch their progress over the next few days on

December 5, 2003: Polly Vacher, who had spent 5 weeks in Ushuaia, Argentina waiting for weather to cross over to Rothera, the British Antarctic Survey base on the Antarctic Peninsula, attempted to make the historical crossing of the continent on Friday. Four hours into the flight to McMurdo over the Pole, headwinds forced her to make many recalculations. Sensibly playing safe over this hostile environment, Polly had to turn back to Rothera. Will she try again? Can she get more Avgas? Stay tuned!

Meeting in Brasil November 22, 2003: Gérard Moss first crossed paths with Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill in London and then in Marrakesh during his motor-glider RTW flight in 2001. Now it is Jennifer and Colin on their Polar venture (, crossing with Gérard and Margi flying a seaplane round Brazil ( the multiple Earthrounders spent amusing evenings together in Vilhena (wild west of Brazil), Cuiabá in Mato Grosso and again in Rio de Janeiro.

November 19, 2003: Deja vu World 2004 : Dave McCulloch (RTW 1986) announces: A group is in the planing stage of a RTW for June 2004 westbound ,the group will include several present RTWs, twins and singles.
For details contact David on:

November 6, 2003: Hans Hofmaier of Canada has started his RTW in his Taylorcraft on November 6.
Good luck Hans!

October 30, 2003: Earthrounder Steve Fossett has lined up his next record-breaking challenge: to beat Rutan and Yeager's unique non-stop, non-refuelled circumnavigation. Dick Rutan himself laid down the gauntlet at our very first Earthrounders meeting in Oshkosh 2000. Check it out on:

October 25, 2003: News on ice. Polly Vacher is sitting it out in Punta Arenas (southern Chile), waiting for perfect weather to attempt her trans-Antarctic flight, and Earthrounders Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill departed New York, also headed for Antactica, in a bid to become the first to fly a helicopter to both Poles.

Carol Ann Garrat October 14, 2003: Carol Ann Garrat successfuly completed her RTW in her Mooney, arriving on October 12th at 2pm, flying over 25 countries, 36,667 nmiles, 360 flight hour. Sincere congratulations.

October 8, 2003: John Coale is planning a RTW in a Cessna 210, going East with a departure date set on January 5th. Good luck.

Antonio and Delfim October 7, 2003: Antonio Feria and Delfim Costa land at Cascais, Portugal, completing their RTW. Second flight around the World for Antonio. Congratulations to both.
Antonio's site at:
Delfim's site at:

October 1, 2003: Polly Vacher whizzed through Rio de Janeiro just long enough for dinner with Gérard and Margi Moss before doggedly continuing south, headed ultimately for Punta Arenas, in southern Chile, where she will wait for perfect weather for her epic trans-Antarctica flight.

Hettlich September 26, 2003: Have received news from Hans Gutmann that Frank and Dorisse Heittlich have successfully completed their RTW with D-GOMM. Congratulations! Looking forward at having your story Frank.

September 25, 2003: Borrowing the phrase the epic poem Las Lusíadas by Luís de Camões: Está dobrado o Cabo das Tormentas, Portuguese pilots Antonio Faria e Mello and Delfim Costa have landed in Santa Barbara after a 16 hour flight from Hilo.

September 16, 2003: Have received news from Salvatore Tasca, who flew around the World with a freind in August/October 2002 with a Centurion 210. Welcome aboard Salvatore. We should have more details soon.

Bob Reiss September 11, 2003: Bob Reiss lands in California after a 13.5 hours flight from Hilo, completing successfully his fourth RTW with his Turbine Bonanza N9675R. Congratulations Bob!.

Robert Irwin Robert Irwin lands in Houston Texas at 3.30 pm Central time with his Baron N100N, successfully completing his first RTW. Congratulations Robert !

September 10, 2003: To answer a general request made during the Perth Meeting, the Site now has a Guest page open to your comments, messages, requests, etc.. Feel free to use it.
(The page has been discontinued due to to spam invasion)

September 7, 2003: Just came to our knowledge that Gianandrea Caravatti and Sergio Gallan completed their RTW in an Aerostar 601P, G-RIGS in March-April 2003. Congratulations and welcome on board. An interresting route. Details coming soon.

August 26-29, 2003: The EARTHROUNDERS Meeting in Perth (Western Ausralia) have been a success with 48 pilots and friends from all over the world. Read Margi Moss' impressions

August 28, 2003: Congratulations to Reto and Trudy Godly for completing successfully their RTW in a Cessna 185. A visit to their very intertaining site is a must.

August 24, 2003: Antonio Faria e Mello (Bonanza CS-AZI) and Delfim Costa (Cessna 210 CS-AOD) lands at Northam (YNTM) in Western Australia coming from Port Hedland. They were welcomed there by the Consul of Portugal and Claude Meunier.

Robert, Hans, Bob
August 23, 2003: Robert Irwin, Bob Reiss and Hans Gutmann landed at Northam after some "scud running" from Port Hedland. Still to come are Frank Hettlich, Antonio Faria and Delfim Costa.
Larger picture

Philipp Sturm and Danielle Rentsch August 12, 2003: Congratulations to Philipp Sturm and Danielle Rentsch for just completing their RTW. They landed back in Buochs, Switzerland on a blistering sunny day where they were met by many friends as well as Earthrounders HG Schmid and Flemming and Angela Pedersen. Well done!
Larger picture

August 10, 2003: Antonio Faria e Melo and Delfim Costa have started their journey, first to Australia then around the World. Fair winds and happy landings!
August 9, 2003: On their way to the Perth Meeting, Hans Gutmann, Bob Reiss and Robert Irwin are now in the Seychelles, leaving shortly for the Maldives.

August 7, 2003: And now it's our valiant wheelchair aviator Antonio Faria e Melo setting off from Lisbon on 9th August for his second flight RTW in his Bonanza BE33, this time accompanied by Delfim Costa in a Cessna 210... They are headed for the Earthrounders meeting in Perth, from where they'll carry on around to close the circle.
August 1, 2003: 2003 is an inspiring year, the situation in Iraq doing nothing to dampen the spirits of the world's aviators! In October, Manuel Queiroz will attempt to beat HG Schmid's speed record in Sub-Class C-1b, in an RV6. No mean feat.

Earthrounders in Oshkosh July 31, 2003: Flemming Pedersen sends this photo of Earthrounders meeting in Oshkosh. Click here for a larger photo with names

July 28, 2003: Slovenian pilot Matevz Lenarcic, whose RTW flight was barred by the Canadian authorities last year when 75% complete, is to try again. More determined than ever, he is set to leave next week (2/08) in a Pipistrel Sinus 912, a Slovenian-built ultra-light motor glider.
Better luck this time, Matevz!

July 20, 2003: Bob Reiss left San Diego today for the Perth Meeting in his Turbine Bananza N8675R. That will be Bob's 4th RTW.

July 15, 2003: Earthrounders co-founder Hans Gutmann departs Wels (Austria) for a flight over 4 continents in his Glasair OE-CGH. He is coming to the Perth Meeting after competing in the 13th World Rally Flying Championship in South Africa. After that, he will proceed to Perth via the Indian Ocean. Details on:

July 14, 2003: Big world? Small world! On a just-for-fun trip through Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland in their Cessna Caravan VH-SWH, Australian Earthrounders Dick and Pip Smith first "bumped into" Irish Earthrounders Ryan and McMahon on the radio as they arrived in Alaska, and more recently "bumped into" the motor glider of Swiss Sturm and Rentsch at Whitehorse airport, Canada.

July 10, 2003: Congratulations to Paul Ryan and Alan McMahon for completing their RTW. They landed on July 10 at 10 AM at Shannon Airport after a 10 hour non stop trans-Atlantic flight. Well done!

Carol Ann and Flemming in Megeve July 1-3, 2003: On her way around the world in a Mooney M20J, Carol Ann Garratt stopped in Geneva, Switzerland to visit Mooney Earthrounders Angela and Flemming Pedersen. Besides lots of Mooney Earthrounder talk, they also found time to have lunch at the mountain airfield of Megève, France, with Flemmings 'Honey Mooney' and have a closer look at Mont Blanc - somewhat hampered by broken to overcast clouds at 8000 feet. (Flemming is the one on the right).
Larger photo

June 29, 2003: Reto and Trude GODLY left Hausen am Albis, near Zug, Switzerland for a two month Eastbound RTW in a Cessna 185.

June 4, 2003: British Army pilot Barry Jones has postponed his RTW attempt in a gyroplane from 2003 until February 2004

Mini Earthrouners Meeting in Thailand May 30, 2003: Danielle Rentsch and Philipp Sturm (mid and far right) meet up with Earthrounders Dougie Cairns (mid left) and Tom Claytor (far left) in Thailand
Larger photo

May 28, 2003: Congratulations to the 4 "current" RTW. They are all doing well:
Polly Vacher has flown over the North Pole and is in Canada.
Paul Ryan and Alan McMahon are in Australia.
Philipp Sturm and Danielle Rentsch are is Cambodia.
Carol Ann Garratt is in South Africa.
May 6, 2003: Polly Vacher "Voyage to the Ice" is under way with a first stop at Wick in Scotland. Good luck and fair weather.
May 1, 2003: Paul Ryan and Alan McMahon took off from Shannon Airport in a Cherokee Six at the start of their RTW, with a fist stop at Wick in Scotland. Fair winds and good luck!
April 30, 2003: Another RTW flight is set to depart on 1st May! Philipp Sturm and Danielle Rentsch depart Buochs, Switzerland to fly eastbound in a HK 36 Super Dimona powered glider. . Their clearances have been prepared by Earthrounder HG Schmid of Aero Explorer International.
April 17, 2003: We just learned that Carol Ann Garratt departed Florida at the end of Febuary in her Mooney M20J for a 7-month RTW.
April 14, 2003: Congratulations to Jason Bahnsen for completing successfully his RTW. He landed his Mooney VH-JDY in Melbourne on Saturday 12th.
April 14, 2003: Update on some of this year's upcoming RTW flights.
On 1st May, Irish pilots Paul Ryan and Alan McMahon will set off from Shannon Airport in a Cherokee Six:
On 6th May, it is Polly Vacher's turn, departing from Birmingham International to fly over the poles in her Piper Dakota :
Brian Jones, who was to depart in March in a gyroplane, has postponed departure until June due to the Middle East situation :

February 10, 2003: Indefatigable Tom Claytor, our halfway-and-still-going Earthrounder-to-be who has holed up in Thailand for "a while", is acting in a film called "First Flight", playing a French pilot who teaches the Thais to fly during WW1. All part of an Earthrounder's métier!
February 4, 2003: Jason Bahnsen is about to leave Vancouver on the second half of his RTW in his Mooney. Wishing him fair weather in the Pacific crossing.
January 2003: Here are a few RTW attempts lined up for this year, if wars permit. In March, British Army pilot Barry Jones hopes to set off to take a gyroplane round the world for the first time (See: whilst Alan McMahon and Paul Ryan plan to become the first Irish pilots to fly RTW. (See: And it looks like a speed record challenge by Canadian Gerhard Schauble (See: whilst in slower mode, Earthrounder Polly Vacher will set off in May on a new challenge: first solo flight over the Poles in a single-engine (See:

February, 2003: It's all in the name Smith! English helicopter pilot Quentin Smith, who co-piloted for Jennifer Murray around the world in 1999 and flew the chase helicopter to her flight in 2000, was rescued from the icy waters of the Drake Passage near Smith Island by the Chilean Navy on 27th January. Having flown an R44 to the North Pole in June, Smith and adventurer Steven Brooks were trying to reach the South Pole to become the first helicopter to land at both Poles. Australian Earthrounder Dick Smith landed his Jet Ranger at the North Pole in 1987, and a Twin Otter at both Poles in 88/89.

Trio in the Amazon February, 2003: Mexican Earthrounder Jorge Cornish recently took a month-long spin round South America in his Mooney, meeting with Gérard and Margi Moss in Tefé, in the heart of the Amazon. Click here for a larger picture
Photos of Jorge's South America trip

February 25, 2003: Hans Hofmaier of Canada announces his departure in November 2003 on a RTW in a Taylorcraft.'

February 19, 2003: Congratulations to Doug Cairns of the Diabetes World Flight for completing successfully his RTW after landing at Council Bluffs Airport near Omaha.
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