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Earlier Notices (2001) December 20, 2008: Earthrounders.com wishes a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all Earthrounders, their families and friends and all Earthrounders-to-be. We hope you are putting on your calendars the Brazil Earthrounders Meeting in 2010. See you there!

Happy landings, blue skies, fair winds and all this kind of things....

December 20, 2008: Detlef Heun & Liliana Tagliamonte of Florida are putting the finishing touches on their RV7 after receiving their Certificate of Airworthiness.
"After all the test flights and some ski flying, we will be ready to start."
Larger photo

December 15, 2008: Flemming and Angela Pedersen are organising the 3rd bi-annual Earthrounders ski week in Champéry, Switzerland, from Saturday 7 March to Saturday 14 March 2009...

December 12, 2008: They have made it!!!
Sincere congratulations to CarolAnn Garratt and Carol Foy. They landed yesterday at Orlando International Airport at 13:55 GMT after their 7 days "Dash fo a Cure".
A great effort from the pilots and their ground support teams. We hope the donations to the ALSDI will keep pooring!

Photo at Brown Field California.
CarolAnn's first RTW flight

Kosovo Newborn December 5, 2008: Tireless Bob Gannon continues his slowly-but-very-surely circumnavigation and makes history as the first Earthrounder to land in Kosovo, itself a newborn country. When he reaches Turkey shortly, it will be the 100th country into which he has flown Lucky Lady Too.
See more details and photos.

December 3, 2008: Earthrounder CarolAnn Garrett and colleague Carol Foy departed from Florida for their 7-day speed record-breaking attempt. You can follow their dash on www.alsworldflight.com, but hurry because they will only be gone a week!

November 30, 2008: Gérard Moss, host of the next Earthrounders reunion to be held in Brazil in 2010, has been in deep discussion about the meeting with Portuguese Earthrounder Delfim Costa, over a few thirst-quenching beers, of course. The mouth-watering backdrop is Tamadare, on a delightful stretch of the Brazilian coastline south of Recife.
Larger picture

September 8, 2008: After several days of interruption, the Site is back to normal. The problems with the Server have finally been solved by changing to a new Server.
We apologize for the interruption.

CarolAnn Garratt September 3, 2008: CarolAnn Garratt is getting ready for a December departure for her "Dash for a Cure, 2 Women, 7 Days". A World Record Attempt.
New address for ordering her book: Upon Silver Wings:
CarolAnn's first RTW flight

Champery October 30, 2008: With their renowned warm hospitality, Angela and Flemming Pedersen organised another mini-micro Earthrounders meeting in their chalet in Champery, Switzerland. This time the occasion was the arrival in Switzerland of Claude Meunier. More...

Gregg Gillingham October 16, 2008: We are sad to learn that Gregg Gillingham passed away on Friday 10th October in Montevideo. He and his wife Rebecca were on a leisurely RTW. Our deepest sympathies go to Rebecca.

Fossett October 2, 2008: Some news on fellow Earthrounders Steve Fossett, missing for more than a year:
From the Avweb Site: http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/SteveFossett_MissingAviator_SuperDecathlonWreckageFound_198901-1.html:
"Authorities have confirmed that wreckage found in the Mammoth Lakes area of northeastern California is that of the Super Decathlon Steve Fossett was reported missing in just over a year ago."
More on the AVweb Site
Also, more on: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/10/02/BAEU13A99B.DTL&tsp=1

September 16, 2008: Earthrounder Horst Ellenberger is selling his Turbine Bonanza.
Contact Horst on: Horst.Ellenberger@t-online.de
Full details

September 8, 2008: After several days of interruption, the Site is back to normal. The problems with the Server have finally been solved by changing to a new Server.
We apologize for the interruption.

CarolAnn Garratt September 3, 2008: CarolAnn Garratt is getting ready for a December departure for her "Dash for a Cure, 2 Women, 7 Days". A World Record Attempt.
New address for ordering her book: Upon Silver Wings:
CarolAnn's first RTW flight

Detlef and Liliana August 27, 2008: Detlef Heun and Liliana Tagliamonte are putting the finishing touches to their RV7. They plan to start in December 2008 for a 3 years extensive RTW.
Larger picture

Great Circle August 17, 2008: Nicolas Perren (RTW 2005-2006) announces the publication of the book:"Great Circle, The World Eastbound".

Carrol-Ann and Norm August 15, 2008: From Norm Livingstone:" I met up with Carol Ann Garrett in North Dakota recently. She is preparing for a record RTW attempt in December and I am riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle across North America this summer - quite a different experience to last years flight!!!! We spent some time together at the Canada/US border planning the Asian part of her trip."
Larger picture

August 12, 2008: Bob Gannon will be parking Lucky Lady Too at a small airstrip near Nurnberg, Germany and returning to the States for a month plus. 3 This leg is about over. Always a bit sad at the end of each of the legs.3
Watch his interview on Helsinki TV on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otMgSuifp-0

N158BB August 12, 2008: Congratulations to Mike and Mookie for the completion of their RTW in their Baron N158BB. They landed on August 10 at 3.30 home (KTEB).
Larger picture.

August 6, 2008: Congratulations to Jim Nisbet for the completion of his RTW. He landed in Prestwick, Scotland on August 5, 2008 after 96 days and 28,382 NM in his Mooney G-CERT.

Siwik'arrival July 26, 2008: Congratulations to Ron Siwik for the completion of his RTW in his Bonanza N2092W on July 19, 2008
Larger picture
Ron's Bonanza departing Portage County Airport (Ohio)

Bob Gannon and immersion suit July 25, 2008: Just received from Robert Gannon in Norway:"Attached are photos from Eureka, Canada and Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway. Sorry I don't have any from the North Pole but I was on instruments the last hour up there and another hour heading towards Longyearbyen and just never got around to letting go of the yoke to try to do anything but.. well, you know the story. Down in the Lofoten Islands of mainland Norway. Majestic."
Bob Gannon
More pictures

Lobbying for Brazil 2010 ! July 22, 2008: On a recent trip via Portugal to Spain and Switzerland , Gérard and Margi Moss met up with Earthrounders in each country: Delfim and Clara Costa in Lisbon (breakfast), Flemming and Angela Pedersen in Aigle (late lunch), and Michel (arm in sling) and Laura Gordillo in Madrid (dinner). Looks like they were lobbying for attendees for the next Earthrounders meeting in Brazil in 2010.
Larger picture

Robert Gannon July 19, 2008: Slowly-but-surely marathon pilot Bob Gannon, who recently returned to the USA with his faithful Lucky Lady 2 but refused to go to his point of departure in order to avoid 'closing the circle' just yet, has just completed a gruelling 13-hour flight across the North Pole. He left from Eureka, Canada and battled icy storms and Polar Bear winds before landing in Longyearbyen, Norway. Now northern Europe entices him with his own special version of aviation-exploration. Although he has flown to more places than any other mortal has ever read about, he doesn't consider the job done yet, and estimates that his RTW will take another 2-3 years to complete!

Fossett July 18, 2008: Search resumes for missing Steve Fossett.
A team of searchers is back on foot in the mountains of Nevada this week, hoping to find an answer to the mystery of Earthrounder Steve Fossett's disappearance. Steve vanished last September while flying in a Super Decathlon.
From the Avweb Site: http://www.avweb.com/eletter/archives/avflash/1164-full.html#198307
To follow the search daily progress, go to their Web site:http://www.adventurescience.ca/

N351DS July 9, 2008 : Congratulations to Marc Aurel Lehmann and copilot Karl-Heinz Maxwitat for the successful completion of their RTW in a Diamond DA40 XL. They landed at Bienenfarm Germany (EDOI) on June 27.
Larger picture

Ron Siwik's Bonanza July 8, 2008 : Ron Siwik left Portage County Airport (Ohio) on May 23 for a Westward solo RTW in his V35 Bonanza N2092W. He is now in Portugal.
He can be tracked on: http://www.rimrocked.com/events/eventview.php?eid=5
Photo by Mike Carroll.
Larger picture

Bonanza CC-PLJ June 22, 2008 : Bonanza for Sale: Madeleine Dupont is selling her Bonanza.
Specs and full details.

Boring dinner photo at Maribor June 20, 2008 : From Flemming and Angela Pedersen: "We finally finished our wonderful tour around Africa, Indian Ocean and the Middle East on the 14 June. After a few nice days on the beach on the Greek island of Lesbos, we stopped in Maribor, Slovenia to see Matevz and Katarina Lenarcic."
Here is what Flemming calls "a boring dinner photo".

Also from Flemming, news of 2 more RTW "in progress" from Geneva:
= Wings and Bridges: They left Geneva on March 14 in a PC12 and
expect to be back on June 26. www.wingsandbridges.org/
HB-PON = Rolf FRIEDEN and Manfred MELLOH left Geneva on June 19
in a Piper Comanche PA-24 HB-PON.
Flemming at their departure. Larger picture

Antoine and Flemming June 11, 2008 : In a surprise encounter Flemming and Angela Pedersen on their slow way home from the Capetown Meeting met Earthrounders Antoine Gini and Marcel Large in Nevsehir, Turkey. Antoine and Marcel flew together in a Mooney in the RTW Air Race of 1992. They are part of a Turkish air rallye organized by Marcel Large (Raid International).
Larger picture

June 4, 2008 : Earthrounder Claude Meunier welcomes Jim Nisbet at Jandakot Airport in Western Australia.
Larger picture

N158BB May 31, 2008 : Mike and Mookie are starting their trip around the world on Sunday, June 1st in their Baron N158BB
Larger picture

May 30, 2008 : In June 2009, Adele Schneidereit is planning to take off on a flight around the world, having only just overcome one challenge, that of obtaining her pilot's licence. Adele has cerebral palsy, and will become the first person disabled from birth to take on the big wide world challenge. She hopes to inspire other people with CP and at the same time prove, literally, that the sky's the limit. Anyone who would like to contact her, with sponsorship or advice, visit www.inspiretheworldfoundation.org

Jim Nisbet in Bangkok May 20, 2008 : Jim Nisbet and co-pilot Steve arrived in Bangkok on May 17th. They will depart for Phuket in southern Thailand on the 20th. Picture of Jim (left), Steve and Norm Livingstone at Royal Bangkok Sports Club; exchanging stories and advice for the ongoing flight. (Photo by Norm Livingstone)
Larger picture

May 17, 2008 : "Us 2 sixty year olds are going around the world in 2010 -- the plane is called bird of prey--I am Ed or as some say the crazy guy in the blue hangar --there is a real human interest story around this trip and the aircraft--her's a pic to give u a taste." Ed Pull
Larger picture

May 12, 2008 : Jim Nisbet is now in Oman.

May 11, 2008 : Marc Aurel Lehmann announces his departure from Bienenfarm (EDOI), Germany for an Easterly RTW with Karl-Heinz Maxwitat in a DA 40 XL N351DS
Wishing them fair winds and blue skies.

May 4, 2008 : Ralf and Marga Hannemann are selling Australian maps and charts.

May 1, 2008 : Jim Nisbet announces his departure tomorrow from Prestwick, Scotland, for his Eastbound RTW. He is with a friend in his Mooney 252 He will shortly have a Website showing his progress.
Fair winds and blue skies.

April 30, 2008 : Piper Comanche tank for sale. Details

April 23, 2008 : Mike Hebel and Mookie Bahiri announce their departure in May-June for a RTW flight in their Baron 58 N158BB.
Fair winds and blue skies.

April 22, 2008 : Ralf and Marga Hannemann are selling their RTW Partenavia, D-GHAN and a life raft.

April 20, 2008 : Norm Livingstone has two very good Survival Suits (Mustang Ocean Commander) for sale.

April 19, 2008 : "I never disappear... I just fail to report where I am at!" says still-going-strong one-day-to-be Earthrounder Bob Gannon, when recently asked what he was up to by the website team. So here is the low down and a word of warning: look out for Lucky Lady Too some day soon in an airport near you - and before you read Bob's full reply, take a deep breath and eat your heart out.
Letter, photos and map from Bob Gannon

CarolAnn Garratt April 14, 2008 : CarolAnn Garratt has flown around the world in a Mooney before. This time, she is taking a co-pilot and aiming to break the round-the-world record for single-engine aircraft, by making the flight start-to-finish in just seven days. Garratt and teammate Carol Foy, a past winner of the Air Race Classic, plan to launch this December. They are paying all of their own expenses, but hope the world flight will raise $1 million for ALS research. From AVweb
Good luck!
CarolAnn's first RTW flight

April 12, 2008 : Information on exemptions for overflight-navigation fees in Thailand.

April 11, 2008 : Congratulations to Ralph and Marga Hannemann for the sucessful completion of their RTW in their Partenavia D-GHAN.
They landed at Hassfurt, EDQT, yesterday at 12.58 Z. They flew 340:32 hours, had 92 landings and flew 83 259 km ( actually twice around the world) = 44 956 NM while visiting 29 countries on all continents.
They were glad to be reunited with their twin-daughters Angela and Nathalie.

April 7, 2008 : Congratulations to Jared Isaacman and his team for their succesfull RTW in 84 hours.
They did not break the record they were after but are claiming 17 speed records.
Read the full story: www.speedaroundtheworld.com

April 4, 2008 : Jared Isaacman and his crew are on their second attempt to break the speed record around the World in a Cessna Mustang Citation.

March 30, 2008 : Seeking information on a RTW Bonanza lost between Japan and Midway in the '50.

Read the full text on the South America Info Page

Hannemann Galapagos March 18, 2008: Ralph and Marga Hannemann are having a beautiful time on a cruise ship on the Galapagos Islands and saw all the wonderful nature and the animals.They expect to be back in Germany within 24 days.
Larger photo

March 8, 2008 : To-day is the last day of a very successful South African Earthrounders Meeting in Cape Town. For more details, see left column, "Day-to-day Report".

Everybody is looking forward to the next meeting in Brazil.

Photo: Four Earthrounders, Gerard Moss, CarollAnn Garratt, Claude Meunier and Wayne Collins, enjoying lunch.
Larger picture

February 26, 2008: From Wing Commander Rahul Monga a Discovery Channel video report covering his Round the World Flight

Lord Howe Island February 25, 2008: Paul Moyle sends this photo of his Saratoga N515SC on Lord Howe Island. They are finally on their way to Christmas Island, now that fuel is available there.
Larger photo and more...

Fossett February 16, 2008: Five months have passed since fellow Earthrounder Steve Fosset disappeared mysteriously over the Nevada desert - his aircraft has never been found. He has now been officially declared dead. We send our sympathies to his family.

February 15, 2008: Congratulations to Morten Lund and his crew for a successful RTW in a Pilatus PC-12. They landed yesterday afternoon in Palma de Majorca.

Easter Island February 9, 2008: Marga and Ralf Hanneman sent this photo from Easter Island. They are now in South America.
Larger photo

January 19, 2008: Looking for a Co-pilot for a Round the World Flight in April 2009
Full details
Email: propilotcessna@gmail.com

January 16, 2008: Interested in Self-Flying on an African Safari after the South Africa Meeting? Join some of the Earthrounders and contact Dave at African Aero Safaris or visit his Site at African Aero Safaris or read details here.

January 4, 2008: RTW without Avgas...the competition is on...
From AOPA Online:
First it was ballooning legend Bertrand Piccard announcing that his piloted solar-powered airplane, Solar Impulse, would fly nonstop around the world in 2011. Now Lisa Airplanes in France, is currently developing a "Hy-Bird" airplane using both fuel cell and 10 percent solar energy and Boeing is prepares a fuel cell demonstrator airplane based on a Dimona motor glider,

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