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December 22, 2006: wishes a Happy Christmas to all Earthrounders, their families and friends. Our special thoughts go to those Earthrounders and Earthrounders 'in the making' who are presently flying their way around the Globe.
We hope you are putting South Africa on the agenda for 2008. See you there!

December 21, 2006: Earthrounder co-founder and Webmaster, Claude Meunier flew yesterday to Ayres Rock to welcome Wojciech Mirski . Wojciech is in the first part of his RTW in his Comanche HB-OTF.
More pictures.

December 10, 2006: Announcing Jennifer Murray's book: Broken Journey . Available from her Site:

December 6, 2006: Jennifer Murray and Collin Bodill have started their Pole to Pole flight in a Bell helicopter. Good luck and fair weather.

November 12, 2006: Wojciech MIRSKI left Les Eplatures (La Chaux-de-Fonds) in Switzerland today and he is now in Jerez, Spain. He is flying a Piper Comanche 260C, HB-OTF. Fair winds and happy landings. .

November 6, 2006: Jennifer Murray and Collin Bodill announce their departure for their RTW by the Poles in a Bell helicopter on December 5th. Good luck and fair winds.

November 1, 2006: Odilon Monteiro announces his RTW for June 2007.

October 27, 2006: Norman Livingstone and his wife Vajee Misakawan, of the Thai Flying Club, Bangphra, Thailand, will start their RTW in a brand new Ovation 3 in May 2007.

October 23, 2006: Today is the centennary of the world's first flight in a machine heavier than air, taking off on its own power. When Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont performed this feat 100 years ago, surrounded by a huge crowd at Bagatelle, in Paris, no-one had ever heard of the Wright Bros (who, incidentally, were catapulted into the air, they did not "take-off"). Robert Gannon has arrived in Brazil in his Cessna 182 and was introduced to a Santos-Dumont look-alike by Margi Moss at a recent airshow. Santos-Dumont popularised flying, not seeking to patent his designs as did the Wrights, but rather making them freely available to one and all. However, he was so depressed when aircraft were turned into war machines that he committed suicide. He just wanted people to fly. Just like we do...
Larger picture.

October 15, 2006: Wojciech Mirski, of Switzerland will depart on November 11 for his RTW in his Comanche. His Site will be: .

October 7, 2006: Earthrounders have just lost a dear friend and colleague. When we are tempted to think we have done something grand by flying round the world, when we complain about the bureaucracy or the weather, when we dramatize our flights to make them look more difficult or dangerous, it is worth remembering Antonio Faria e Mello. In his quiet way, this courageous man, a wheel-chair pilot, went out there and did it TWICE. All the difficulties and challenges we encounter, in his case were quadrupled by his handicap and pain.
Antonio passed away in Lisbon on 6th October.
Three cheers for a very brave man. Valeu, Comandante, boa viagem.

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October 6, 2006:
Heh, folks, mark your calendars!
Earthrounders gathering in South Africa 6-9th March 2008

Timbuktu September 25, 2006:Robert Gannon is now in Tumbuktu.
Read his latest letter.
Larger Picture

September 16, 2006: Polly Vacher announces her new book: Wings Around the World

September 10, 2006: Joe and Flora Lloyd and Alistair Blake depart Auckland on 14th Sept on a circumnavigation planned to take 4 months. Having originally thought of using a Cessna 182, as we reported earlier, they have now upgraded to a Cessna 421. Travel with them on:

September 10, 2006: Robert Gannon, who left the USA 6 years ago on his slowly-but-surely westbound flight, has set off on the 19th leg of his trip. He has departed from South Africa and is heading up the west coast of Africa to cross the Atlantic from Cape Verde Islands to Natal, in Brazil. So far, he has landed "Lucky Lady Too" (Cessna 182) in some 450 different places in 45 countries, as his journey is carried out in the true spirit of getting to know the people and the countries he passes though. In Brazil, he will be meeting up with Gerard and Margi Moss, to date the only Earthrounders from South America, but still intends to see a lot more before returning home.

August 30, 2006: Earthrounder Steve Fossett, 62, and former NASA test pilot Einar Enevoldson, 74, unofficially (pending certification by the FAI) broke the world absolute altitude record for a glider on August 29 by surfing mountain waves to 50,671 feet over Argentina.

August 21, 2006: Congratulations to Johan Hammarström, Henrik Ejderholm and Martin Håkansson for successfully completing their RTW in a Diesel powered Diamond DA42 Twin Star
They landed in Stockholm on August 19, 2006.

August 21, 2006: The Earthrounders will award a Gold Star for Website Excellence to pilots who allow us all to accompany them on their circumnavigations through easy-to-navigate websites. (Details) ...
The first recipients of the Star are Ulf and Matthias Muehlbacher for

August 11, 2006: Peter Moore announces the DVD of his 2005 RTW.

August 10, 2006: Frank Haile has oversize tip tanks for Bonanzas for sale or rent.
Contact him at

August 7, 2006: Congratulations to Ulf and Matthias Muehlbacher who landed yesterday at Bremen Airport with their Turbine Piper PA46 Malibu N49HF

July 27, 2006: Congratulations to Rolandas Paksas and Vladimir Makagonov. They landed at the Vilnius Aviation Club today at 6 R. Paksas and V. Makagonov connected two farthest points of their round the world flight.
Click here for the Flight Log.

Davos Logo July 23, 2006: Congratulations to Stefan and Nicolas Perren for succesfully completing their RTW in Mooney HB-DGL. Sunday, HB-DGL has landed in Bad Ragaz, it's home base in Switzerland. Due to job obligations Nicols Perren had to fly back from Vancouver to Sydney and for the last part of the trip Heinz Allenspach joined Stephen, who did the whole trip.

July 20, 2006: Message received from Edmundas Ganusauskas: Rolandas Paksas and Vladimir Makagonov are now in Thailand. Click here for the Flight Log.

July 15, 2006: Although not a flight around the World, the "14 degree East" air race is worth mentionning. It is on its way, departing Salsburg for Capetown and back. It is organised by Earthrounder Hans Gutmann who surveyed the route in 2003 on his way to the Perth Earthrounders Meeting. Details on:

Rolandas Paksas and Vladimir Makagonov July 4, 2006: Message received from Edmundas Ganusauskas: On 10 June 2006 the ex-President of the Republic of Lithuania Rolandas Paksas and the Russian pilot Vladimir Makagonov started their flight around the globe on a single-engined aircraft SM 2000.
Details from Edmundas at:
Or from the Lithuanian Press: (see Skidis Aplink Pasaul).
Click here for a larger picture.
Click here for the Flight Log.

Handling of the Earthrounders Flag July 4, 2006: At last the Earthrounders flag has been handled by Hans Gutmann to the Hettlich!!
Message received from Ernst Huettinger: "Anbei das Bild von der Fahnenübergabe von Hans Gutmann an Frank Hettlich in Wieselburg.
Viel herzliche Gruesse

Enclosed is the picture of the flag transfer from Hans Gutmann to Frank Hettlich in Wieselburg.
Best regards

Click here for a larger picture

June 30, 2006: Message from Peter Moore: "We have just about completed our Documentary on our RTW trip last year, we have given Earthrounders a great Plug. It is called " Flying Dreams Joining the Earthrounders ". The final DVD will be ready about the 10th of July."
Read the Press release:
Details from:

Robert Gannon and Cheetah June 22, 2006: Letter from Robert Gannon: "This is my 18th leg since I departed westbound from California in the fall of 2000. This leg was from a grass strip outside of Kruger National Park (where I have parked Lucky Lady Too) to Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and over to Victory Falls in Zimbabwe then back down to the grass strip in South Africa. Landed at 55 places in those countries. This will complete my southern Africa legs (3 in total). I will depart in late August for West Africa and then jump over to South America. Hopefully meet up with Margi and Gerard somewhere"
My Web site is under construction:
Larger picture

December 6, 2006: Jennifer Murray and Collin Bodill have started their Pole to Pole flight in a Bell helicopter. Good luck and fair weather.

Davos Logo June 17, 2006: Stephan and Nicolas Perren will take off from Australia for the next part of their endeavour. This will take them to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, the US, Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Great Britain.
Positions of the 3 other RTW in progress:
Ulf and Matthias Muehlbacher were in Dubai.
Johan Hammarström and Henrik Ejderholm were in Fiji.
Armin Stief and Markus Heinkell were in Japan.

Hans and Frank June 17, 2006: Two famous Earthrounders, Hans Gutmann and Frank Hettlich met by chance at the Berlin Airshow among some 250000 visitors. Larger picture

 N-600FY GOOFY  Siprit of Endeavour June 12, 2006: Steve Wood will be starting his RTW from AirVenture promoting the Flying Scholarships for the Disabled charities in the UK & USA, and the Wheelies with Wings sister charity in Australia in a homebuilt GlaStar known as 'GOOFY' from its unique registration N-600FY!
Steve is creating 2 Internet Sites: which is a support website where individuals and companies can donate towards the flight and get their names on Spirit of Endeavour as it flies around the world. The aircraft is being named Spirit of Endeavour as a tribute to Capt James Cook, a fellow Yorkshireman and the world's greatest navigator. It's also a tribute to the astronauts of the space shuttle Endeavour. this will be the main RTW flight website.

June 5, 2006: Ulf and Matthias Muehlbacher have started their RTW on May 31st from Bremen, Gremany. They fly N49HF, a Piper PA46 Malibu fitted with a PT6 turbine. They are presently in Dubai. We wish them well.

May 22, 2006: Arnim and Markus just resumed the round-the-world trip they started end of October last year from Egelsbach in Germany landing in Melbourne, Australia on 19 November.
They flew from Melbourne last 16th of May for Cairns and Darwin. They are just waiting that the intense weather pattern over Timor calms so they can proceed to Cebu in the Philippines for their next stop.

May 20, 2006: Johan Hammarström and Henrik Ejderholm have landed in Darwin Australia.

April 11, 2006: Congratulations to Manuel Queiroz who arrived back at Gloucester at 1406 on Saturday 8th April - his flight took 39 days and 8 hours. He didn't break the world speed record, but he has set the British record for this class of aircraft, and has a number of 'point to point' world records, which have yet to be verified.

April 8, 2006: Message received from Matevz Lenarcic:
Finally the two books about my two flights in ultralight aircraft RTW are here . First attempt in 2002 in Zenair CH701 and second successful flight in 2004 in ultralight motorglider Sinus 912.
The first book is a story with two B & W pictures, 390 pages (13x21 cm). So far only in Slovene language
The second is a pictorial monograph with 190 colour pictures, 186 pages (27 x 22 cm), hard cover with a dust jacket. Also with an english version!!
Both books can be bought at E-mail:
In october 2005 I flew a Diamond star DA40 TDI along the Nile river and through the Great Rift Valley of Africa

March 24, 2006: Due to upgrading by our server, this Site may be closed on:
Tuesday, March 28, Approx. 90 minutes starting at 06:00 UTC
Wednesday, March 29, Approx. 90 minutes starting at 06.00 UTC
Thursday, March 30, Approx. 120 minutes starting at 06.00UTC

March 15, 2006: Johan Hammarström and Henrik Ejderholm of the World Flight for Hearing have departed Sweden for their RTW in a Diesel powered Diamond DA42 Twin Star . They are the first Scandinavian crew, the first cerw with a hearing impaired pilot, and the first Diesel powered aircraft to attempt a RTW,

March 11, 2006: Ulf and Matthias Mühlbacher plan to leave Bremen Germany on May 31st 2006 for a RTW in their Prop-jet Piper Malibu and plan to arrive in Oshkosh on Fri 28th of July.

February 28, 2006: Manuel Queiroz left Gloucester, England today, on the first leg of his journey by RV-6. He is aiming for a speed record and will be chasing the morning sun, as in :

February 12, 2006: Although this particular flying venture may not include Earthrounders (but it may also turn out that they carry on going), we would like to commend a Danish family who has set their hearts on travelling for many months through Africa in their Saratoga. Of course, everyone tried to dissuade them, told them how dangerous and problematic it would be, that it was no place to take children. Codswallop. Here they are, 7 months into their journey-of-a-lifetime, taking the rough with the smooth, giving those kids the best geography lesson ever. Morten, Birgitte, Kristian (12), Jacob (11) and Anne (6) Wagner.

February 11, 2006: In July, Kiwi-Canadians Joe and Flora Lloyd are setting off from the distant shores of New Zealand for a slow see-it-all circumnavigation in their Cessna 182. Theirs is no race against the clock, but rather contact with new countries and cultures along the way. Afflicted by "specialist" advice to fly IFR at 15,000 feet and make as few stops as possible, they have taken heart from other Earthrounders and will take an erratic route from New Zealand through Asia and Africa to eventually reach Canada via Europe.

February 11, 2006: Since leaving Switzerland in November to fly their Mooney over the South Atlantic in order to attend the Earthrounders Mexico meeting, Fleming and Angela Pedersen have been touring South America. This is a corner of the globe rarely visited by those bent on a quick circumnavigation, but anyone interested in long-distance flying and travelling to truly visit the countries along the way, join in their experiences: In La Serena, Chile, they bumped into two such kindred souls and fellow Earthrounders Reto & Trude Godly, who are also "doing" South America in a Skywagon. See

February 10, 2006: The trouble with Steve Fossett is that he is too quick for us at!! No sooner has he started and we put it up on the site, than he has already finished. Congratulations, Steve, on another RTW, let alone storming ahead into a tremendous long-distance record (26,389.3 miles in 76 hours 45 minutes). A great new mark has been set. Meantime, most of us will continue to potter around the globe in our own special aircraft, facing the innumerous challenges to be encountered on the ground!

February 7, 2006: Multi-Earthrounder Steve Fosset departed on Wednesday in his quest to establish the longest non-refueled, non-stop flight in history.

February 7, 2006: Manuel Queiroz is due to depart from England at the end of February 2006. Vans RV-6.

February 6, 2006: Earthrounders Horst Ellenberger tells of his flight to China.
(Text in German, pictures multi-lingual)
Click on the China 05 icon.

February 2, 2006: News received of another record around the World. This time by Simon Oliphant-Hope in helicopter N5144E in 17 days, 14 hours.
Details on the FAI Site:
and on:

January 1, 2006: wishes a very Happy New Year to all Earthrounders, their families and friends. We hope you are putting South Africa on the agenda for 2008. See you there!
Happy landings and fair winds

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